It holds all of the power in how different services in AWS interact with each other, the user, the developer, the DevOps teams and the administers of the systems built on top of it. With great power comes great responsibility. Whenever you are crafting an IAM policy, you should always think about how it could be used, misused or abused. Think defensively. .

The Fundamental Series

This series of books is not meant to be an exhaustive reference library or even guide to mastery of every feature and functionality available in the area focus but, merely a guide to facilitate a strong understanding of the fundamental underpinnings of the topic at hand. We hope to fully communicate the core principles and essential tools needed to “know what to Google” to solve your next problem. So much much so, we even say to “Google [this]” to learn more or find a full reference material to see everything on a topic. We aim to right easily readable, plain language guides which give you the tools to get over the first big hill of the learning curve ready to start your own journey in the direction that suits you best.

Chapters in AWS: IAM

  1. IAM Concepts
  2. IAM Basics ( read an excerpt )
  3. Users, Groups and Policies
  4. Policy Simulator
  5. Security Basics
  6. Conditions
  7. Variables and Tags
  8. ABAC - Attribute Based Access Controls
  9. RBAC - Role Based Access Controls
  10. Conditions
  11. RBAC with AWS Services
  12. Life without access keys
  13. Conditions
  14. Security Footguns